How Can I Host My Website?

Do you have an interest in owning your website? In order to have it visible to the rest of the world, you need to have your website hosted on a special computer, called a server. A server is connected to the core of the internet. When a user enters your domain in their browser, the browser will send a request for the page, and once it retrieves it, the page will be loaded onto the browser. The thought of hosting your website can be caught scary, especially if you have never done this before. It can be even more risky for you, if you have to spend money to host your website, because you don’t know how to go about it.
Before you begin thinking about hosting your website, you need to have a domain name. With a domain name, visitors will not have a way to reach your site. Just like your home has an address, your website will have an address. A server has an IP address, but users will not always be able to reach you through the IP address. One single IP address would have hundreds of sites linked to it. So, it is a bit like the IP address is the street name, and the domain is the house number. You can purchase a domain at any registrar you wish. You can search for domain registrars on the internet, and you will surely find one. And hosting on namecheap is as much easier than other hostings and namecheap offering best NameCheap Black Friday Deals.
Once you have a domain name, your next step is to look for a web host provider. You can search with the term, web hosting company, or something along that line. There are many different web hosting companies out there, so make use of a web hosting review site if you need it. Make sure to find a good deal, by looking around. Never fall for one company right away. Once you have purchased your web hosting plan, you will receive an email with all the information you need to get started. At the time of purchase, the hosting company will ask you if you have a domain, and that is when you provide them with your domain name. In that welcome email you receive, you will see the company’s name servers. The name servers have to be set on your domain, so that the domain will point to the correct IP address.
It can take anywhere from a few minutes to one full day for the domain to propagate to the name servers. Using the file manager in your web hosting control panel, you can upload the website files you have. Make sure to upload the files into the correct folders, because if you make a mistake, your website will not display correctly. If you are a little tech-savvy, you can make your life easier by uploading files through a FTP client. You will need to download a FTP client, which you can do so for free. Using the FTP access information in the email you received, you can login and upload files to your hosting account. Once you upload all the files correctly, your website will be up and running perfectly.